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Prefabricated Factory Shed

Technological upgradation and regular innovations have improved our life and made them better with time. As technology is one such field that has not left any stone unturned, now it's time to experience the same transformation which can be observed by mastery of engineering compiled with expertise.

Whether you are looking forward to warehouse assistance or storage area construction for heavy machinery, all your concerns related to structural infrastructure are delivered by Primex Building System Private Limited.

We look forward to assisting firms with innovative infrastructural solutions that are economical and the best investment of today's time. With the rising demand of consumers looking for handy and hassle-free solutions which serve their purpose well, Prefabricated Factory Shed is a recent trend that is used widely across multiple industries for storage, workshop, or warehouse.

At Primex, we aim to provide solutions for all your infrastructural assistance which are as per the customer's need further designed, manufactured, and delivered within the time period. Adaptable to soothe every climatic and other environmental condition. Being cost-effective also adds to one of the benefits of choosing PEB.

Primex is already a pioneer of pre-engineered building manufacturers in India. With the best-in-class experts and professionals, our mission which we had incorporated in the year 2012, seems to bloom and prosper in full swing. These pre-engineered steel sheds tend to be one of the most popular products in the modular construction industry.

So, whether it's our household or manufacturing units, modular touch has changed the dimension of our lives. With our diverse range of product lines catering to the industrial sector, from time to time the industry is gaining more and more customers looking forward to diversifying their factory sheds. Being strong in nature and an investment that will serve in the long run, PEB is being adopted by multiple manufacturing units and even business firms.

High-class production at Primex is supported by taking into consideration the best raw materials which adhere to our standards. The raw material used is of A Grade quality and goes through proper check before being transformed into the final product.

We are amongst the top-in-class Prefabricated Factory Shed Manufacturers in India, that give sustainability in every situation. At Primex, we have more than 10 years of experience in pre-engineered industrial building construction. We customize designs for every product according to the client's specifications in their own manufacturing unity. Over a period of time, more and more industries are adopting this technology which is simplifying the construction process and even saving time and money for the manufacturer.

With its huge demand, it is said to be the most innovative and modern method of getting your building done in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Its economical trait and timely delivery are changing the face of traditional warehouses and industrial infrastructures.

So, whether you are looking for PEB for a warehouse, factory building, industrial shed, cold storage building, agricultural building, and many more of its kind, all this is manufactured by Primex, which is one of the best Prefabricated Factory Shed Suppliers in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A pre-engineered building in which the structural elements are manufactured offsite in a factory.
Prefabricated Buildings can last anywhere ranging from 5 years for smaller buildings to 100 years for larger buildings.
PEBs are mainly made up of high-quality steel.
PEBs are superior in strength and durability along with being cost-effective.