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Pre-engineered Buildings

Over the years, our technological improvements has contributed in developing pre engineered buildings. There is no doubt about the fact that its origin dates back to four decades but people have started realizing its potential in recent years only. It has happened because of the way technology has been developing rapidly. Due to the fast-growing technology, we are able to come up with computerized designs. The fact that have made us counted among the top pre engineered buildings manufacturers is that the PEB structures offered by us are sturdy which make them last long. These are steel structures which are carefully built over a structural concept of primary & secondary members, roof & wall sheeting. These are precisely connected to one another and other building components.

An increasing number of consumers are now opting for pre engineered buildings systems because of the significant advantage they offer in terms of time and convenience. At Primex, we provide turnkey PEB solutions-right from the structural design stage, till the actual installation. Pre engineered Buildings Systems make use of built-ups in construction, as opposed to the hot-rolled sections in conventional systems. Easy to assemble, low on maintenance, extremely strong, weather-resistant and secure; your PEB delivered by Primex is designed to stand the test of time. We cater to every manufacturing component of the Pre engineered Buildings sector, be it in terms of roofing, insulation, structural steel constructs, or ventilation.

pre engineered buildings


  • Factories
  • Commercial / Trade Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Cold stores
  • Showrooms
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Pump stations
  • Residential barracks
  • Offices
  • High-rise Buildings

We pride ourselves on the turnaround time of our building systems. Entire building structures, customized to suit specific needs, can be designed, engineered, manufactured and installed in a time period of 8 to 10 weeks. These structures also offer unmatched value in terms of space utilization. Apart from this, there is a sizeable cost saving percentage of up to 30% in comparison to what would be incurred if conventional steel buildings were opted for. Primex is one of the leading pre-engineered building manufacturersin India.

From conceptualization to installation and sustained technical support, we are accomplished at adding real weight to the entire value chain. Our versatile, flexible processes make the whole operation smooth and hassle free and helps us in being supreme pre-engineered building suppliers. Not only do you get to take advantage of the lower cost and time involved in the construction of our PEB, but also you are assured of a design that is aesthetically pleasing and contemporary. Applications of pre-engineered buildings are numerous. Described in few words, pre-engineered buildings are ideal for any non-residential low-rise building. Country’s finest pre-engineered building manufacturers are here to build strong buildings for you so that your future can stay happy and sustained.

Our pre-engineered steel building systems comprise the following components:

1. Primary frames, i.e the main frames in the structure.
2. Secondary frames, namely, the C and Z sections.
3. Roof and wall panels, which refer to single-skin and insulated panels.
4. Structural sub-systems, including canopies, fascias, partitions, and so on.
5. Floor systems, which can range from mezzanines and catwalks, to platforms and ramps.
6. Other building accessories such as louvers, sliding doors, roll up doors, etc.

Depending on the customers’ needs, the PEB buildings can be offered with numerous essentials including skylight, turbo vents, wall lights, roof monitors, ridge ventilators, canopies and mezzanine floors etc. Unlike other pre engineered building suppliers, we have the facility to offer the above mentioned essentials. Such type of pre engineered buildings are custom designed and the best part about them is that these are light weight and possess high strength. These are preferred because of durability, factory controlled quality, flexibility and faster installation.

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