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Light Gauge Framing Systems

Traditionally, PEB's have met with resistance in a particular area: the ability to support multi-storied structures. This can seem like a significant demerit to even those that might otherwise be in favor of PEB's. Primex, in keeping with the current times and the global market, has mastered the technology of utilizing Light Gauge Framing Steel systems, thereby gaining significant ground over peers who don't have expertise in this area.

Light Gauge Framing Systems

Our pre-engineered light-gauge steel systems are effective in constructing modern, contemporary designs over multiple stories. These structures are so designed so as to function as independent load-bearing frames capable of balancing vertical as well as lateral loads down to the building foundation. We are metal roofing sheets manufacturers

This choice of structural design enables us to take up multi-storied pre-engineered building projects with confidence and execute them with perfection. We (metal roofing sheets manufacturers) are able to thus cater to a wide range of architectural styles, which can serve well across varied building types such as shopping centers, car parks, schools & universities, health centers, etc.

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