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PEB Structure

Pre-engineered buildings are the most effective answers to global warming. Being environment-friendly, the PEB structure is welcomed in the modern world. These are designed skillfully in a very short period, which is why, they save time as well. The parts of the PEB steel structures are prefabricated as per the specifications provided by clients. Once these are ready, the parts are transported to the site after which they are assembled. At Primex, we are counted among the top PEB manufacturers in India for delivering innovation with excellence.

Components that Form a Pre-engineered Structure

These PEB buildings are made using the combination of different sections like hot-rolled, built-up, and others. The basic steel framework is done after that the structure is developed. The PEB components can be classified into different parts:

Primary Frame – A PEB structure especially a building is a portal frame construction that consists of primary and secondary framing along with the bracing system. It becomes an amalgamation of three elements and weather that covers sheet which strengthens steel buildings.

Secondary Frames – it has a solid secondary framing system which is generally purlin and girt comes in Z or C shapes of different sizes. Usually, PEB contractors provide Pre-engineered buildings that are cold from Z sections and are utilized for secondary framing to gain high strength and at the same time, lower weight. Purlins/girt are elements that are responsible for transferring forces from one frame to another and bringing overall stability to the structure.

Increasing demand for PEB Structures in India

As a trusted PEB building manufacturer, we make sure that the PEB structure’s covering enables access to all architectural requirements as well. Usually, metal-profiled steel sheets are preferred for covering purposes. In modern times, different color combinations are used that add an aesthetic look to the buildings. There are different other elements of sheeting like trims, flashings, ridge covers, peak panels, etc. that are made using the same material as sheeting. These are equally significant for the weather-tight functional need of the building. All sheetings are combined with the help of a self-drilling screw and essential sealing materials like butyl tape, foam filler, sealant, etc. are used to add efficiency to the buildings.


Due to their countless benefits, the PEB steel structure is preferred by many industries in modern times.

Quick Installation: As these structures are pre-built in factories, they can be installed quickly without hassles.

Low Maintenance: Being low-maintenance, these are easily promoted by the trusted PEB structure manufacturer and are supplied are in huge demand. As they are lightweight, they can be easily maintained.

Corrosion Resistance: This feature adds popularity to the Prefabricated structures. Being structurally integrated, they can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Low Energy Consumption: These PEB buildings are known as energy-efficient structures, which makes them weatherproof and highly demanded structures.

Easy Installation: The PEB structures are easy to install and they are also equipped with equipment like air conditioning, smoke detectors, and firefighting equipment in such buildings.

Customization: Many reputed PEB contractors offer customization. The design of these structures can be modified and customized according to the client's requirements.

Energy-Efficient: Another reason why PEB structures are in demand is that they are supplied with PU-insulated panels. Further, they come with fiberglass blanket insulation to get the required U values.

Green Advantages of Pre-Engineered Buildings

This needs a special mention which makes it a more preferred and most suited choice in modern times. One of the most popular benefits of Pre-engineered buildings is that they require less effort and minimal resources and can be easily installed on-site. It is possible due to the high accuracy level during the manufacturing stage. As a result, it becomes easy to assemble huge structures in a couple of weeks, thus saving commercial firms a lot of time and resources. Besides, PEB steel buildings result in less emission of smoke.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These structures are pre-fabricated with precision and care right from the design stage. At every step of manufacturing, it is ensured to be fabricated in a way that strengthens these structures.
The PEB structures are developed as per the client’s functional requirements. Further, to match the client’s taste and aesthetics, these can be easily customized.
These structures are manufactured and delivered with all the individual parts. Then these are assembled on-site without hassles.
Like any other structure, these pre-engineered structures are easy to maintain as these are designed in such a way that can survive with low maintenance.

It is important to look for a reliable PEB structure manufacturer in India for your PEB structure needs that can match your expectations.