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Insulation and wall panels

At Primex (Pre-engineered Buildings), we manufacture a diverse range of commercial insulator panel systems for exterior use. They are useful across a broad range of metal building constructions, such as those for cold rooms and cold storage, as well as polyurethane-based insulator panels. Our metal building panels are designed for superior performance, no matter what type of panels are required for this purpose- fire-rated, acoustical, or structural. Offering a long functional life, excellent insulation, exceptional R-values, power-saving features, low maintenance and extreme sturdiness, our products are widely sought after. They are particularly popular in the food & beverage industry, and the range can be customized depending upon individual requirements. Some of the attributes that make our insulation panels stand out among our peers are:

Insulated Panel Systems


  • Excellent and durable thermal insulation
  • High load bearing capacity at low weight
  • Reasonable fire reaction and resistance
  • Good sound insulation
  • Resistance to weather and aggressive environments

Long life cycle –

The robust construction of the panels manufactured at Primex is meant to match the actual service life of the building itself. They also offer the added advantage of end-of-life-res-use options because they are so qualitative.

High R-Value –

R-value is indicative of the thermal performance. Our insulated metal wall panels, by rating so well in levels of R-value, help ensure an elevated performance and service life of the building exterior.

Energy Efficiency –

Our insulated panels offer superlative insulation due to enhanced R-values and U-values, thereby bringing about remarkable energy-efficiency.

Easy to integrate -

Because of the simple, elegant design employed, our insulated metal building panels are user-friendly and can be assembled and integrated in no time at all, with very little room for error.

Low-maintenance -

These durable insulated metal panels require very little maintenance. This contributes towards optimizing costs, providing significant savings and hassle-free operations.

Rigorous testing –

Adhering to international building safety codes and compliance standards, our testing protocol is very rigorous. As a result, every insulation panel that leaves the premises passes industry-best testing benchmarks, ensuring great endurance.

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